Friday, December 29, 2017

Goodbye AiiR Downloads...

For those who have not joined the Discord (which you should), this site will be shutting down very soon. 

Reason? If you were on the discord you would know. (Click Here...)

Anyways, the site will be completely shut down on New Years day leaving only this post, so if you have things you would like to download, you should do so now. I will be archiving the home page, so the memory of this site will not be lost forever.

I hope everyone enjoyed their stay. Thanks for using AiiR Downloads.
Bye bye!

Final Note - I really enjoyed the time I had making the site, and sharing music. I met a lot of nice people, and a few shitty ones, but let's forget about them. Thanks for making the time I had awesome guys. I mean it.


  1. This is sad. But in all seriousness though, thanks for this site. It was really a godsent for me when it comes to promotional singles and instrumental versions. R.I.P.


    Here's the Discord. Using this, you can find a way into the new site.


    sauce for the image, thanks for the leaks man.