Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jon Bellion - The Human Condition (Instrumentals)

Release Date: 2016
Genre: Pop
Quality: MP3 160kbps

Someone leaked it on SoundCloud apparently, so I'll upload the files I had now. They are tagged, so use them on your iTunes, or whatever.

Yes, track 7 is missing.

1. He Is The Same (Instrumental)
2. 80's Films (Instrumental)
3. All Time Low (Instrumental)
4. New York Soul (Part II) (Instrumental)
5. Fashion (Instrumental)
6. Maybe IDK (Instrumental)
8. Overwhelming (Instrumental)
9. Weight of the World (Instrumental)
10. The Good in Me (Instrumental)
11. Morning in America (Instrumental)
12. iRobot (Instrumental)
13. Guillotine (Instrumental)
14. Hand of God (Instrumental)

Download links

(More may be added soon)

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