Saturday, March 25, 2017

Porter Robinson - Worlds Live (Official Audio)

Release Date: n/a
Genre: Electronica
Quality: MP3 320kbps

Cover art by u/Tuckersaurus on Reddit, Leaked on xTrill, split up and tagged by AiiR (that's me).

1. Intro x Sea of Voices (Worlds Edit)
2. Sad Machine x Song of Storms x Easy (Worlds Edit)
3. Flicker (Worlds Edit)
4. Easy (Worlds Edit)
5. Sea of Voices (Worlds Edit)
6. Unison x Easy (Worlds Edit)
7. Fresh Static Snow (Worlds Edit)
8. Divinity (Worlds Edit)
9. Years of War (Worlds Edit)
10. Say My Name x Fellow Feeling (Worlds Edit)
11. Fellow Feeling (Worlds Edit)
12. Natural Light (Worlds Edit)
13. Hear The Bells (Worlds Edit)
14. The Seconds (Worlds Edit)
15. Lionhearted (Worlds Edit)
16. Goodbye To A World (Worlds Edit)

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(More may be added soon)

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