Thursday, March 23, 2017

Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter Live (Official & Line Audio)

Release Date: n/a
Genre: Electronic
Quality: MP3 320kbps

Holy shit this got leaked, like, BAD. There was over 3GB or Porter related stuff, leaked on r/xTrill, what a time to be alive. I'm so fucking sorry Porter & Madeon.

I added the note from the person who leaked this on xTrill into the .zip

Thought this was only the line-in, but it's actually included with some official edits. I have the full line-in also, but not split up like this was. I'll make a split one for download soon.

1. Intro (Shelter Edit)
2. Shelter (Shelter Edit)
3. Pay No Mind x Easy (Shelter Edit)
4. Sad Machine (Shelter Edit)
5. You're On (Shelter Edit)
6. OK x Lionhearted (Shelter Edit)
7. Flicker (Shelter Edit)
8. Finale x Cut The Kid (Shelter Edit)
9. Imperium (Shelter Edit)
10. Pop Culture (Shelter Edit)
11. Divinity x Innocence (Shelter Edit)
12. La Lune x Sea Of Voices (Shelter Edit)
13. Fresh Static Snow (Shelter Edit)
14. Home (Shelter Edit)
15. Beings (Shelter Edit)
16. Pixel Empire (Shelter Edit)
17. Icarus x Fellow Feeling (Shelter Edit)
18. Goodbye to a World (Shelter Edit)
19. Encore (Shelter Edit)

Download links
(More may be added soon)


  1. There was more than just the shelter show right? (Thank you by the way)

  2. sorry but i cant download the songs pls help ;-;

    1. Is the Google Drive link not working?

    2. It doesn't matter now, don't worry , i have the Songs , Thank you very much. <3

  3. Both links work as of 9/19/2017; thx AiiR